Rolette County Offices     701-477-5665

102 2nd St NE    P O Box 939   Rolla, ND   58367

Office Hours : Monday thru Friday    8:30am - 12:30pm   1:00pm - 4:30pm      County Office Holiday Schedules

Clerk of Court
States Attorney
Emergency Management
911 Coordinator
Public Health
Extenstion Agent / Weed Board
Social Services

 Rolette County Commissioner's

Henry "Chick" Larocque 701-477-6584     
Robert "Bob" Leonard 701-477-3941      
Merle Boucher 701-246-3591     
Eldon R Moors, Sr, Chair 701-263-3101     
Alex Albert 701-477-3096     

Commission Meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays




Auditor's Office      


Valerie McCloud, Auditor


Tara McDougall, Deputy Auditor


Treasurer's Office     701-477-3207


Kandace Desjarlais, Treasurer




Tax Equalization Office   


Wendy Belgarde, Director


 Clerk of Court's Office     701-477-3816


Clerk of District Court
PO Box 460, Rolla 58367



Recorder's Office    701-477-3166


Sarah Bruce, Recorder
PO Box 276, Rolla 58367
Robin Longie, Deputy Recorder


 State Attorney's Office   701-477-3169


Ryan Thompson, States Attorney

Kelly Albertson,  Assistant State's Attorney


Sheriff's Office

Corners Office   701-477-5623


Gearald Medrud
PO Box 447, Rolla 58367



Emergency Manager   701-477-3156


Michael Stewart


911 Coordinator  701-477-0911


Curt Bonn, Coordinator

102 2nd St NE   P O Box 939, Rolla, ND   58367




Public Health    701-477-5646


Barb Frydenlund, Director
PO Box 726, Rolla 58367



Veterans Service Officer   701-477-5265


Todd Poitra
PO Box 939, Rolla 58367
Office days  Monday and Thursday

email address is


Extension Agent / Weed Board   701 477 5671


Ag Agent/Weed Board Officer

Mark Miller
PO Box 430, Rolla 58367

Karen Armstrong, Extension Agent


Rolette County Extension Website:


 Social Services Office    701 477 3141


Dinah Breland

P O Box 519,   210 2nd Ave NE   Rolla, ND



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