On the Lighter Side ........



An conversation on facebook that an  elderly man needed some additional grocerys.  His daughter living out of state called a Rolette County  local store and asked if they could help him.  They said YES.  Before the conversation had ended 3 additional people offered to help out.


An elderly lady watched as the sheriff put in several gallons of bleach in his cart.  He looked at the lady and said "Maybe I should leave some for  other folks"  The lady looked in her cart and took an item out and put back on the shelf. "Ya, maybe I will too"

Sign in a local store "Bread 1-2   $ 1.99 each" "3 or more 9.99 each"

Community gathers care baskets for elders in Belcourt.  People donated water and non-perishables as well as household items for members of the local population who are highest risk of COVID-19.


The Turtle Mountain School is currently delivering breakfast, lunch and a snack to 251 childern.  They are preparing for five days of meals and they will continue to deliver as long as the schools are closed.

Saint John Schools reported  325 meals delivered on the 17th and 375 on the 18th.

Rolette School, Dunseith and Rolla Schools also reported delivering lunches.


Some communites are putting up WI-FI hotspots.  The St John School  has one mounted on the south side of the school.  The password to access the guest network is Woodchuck.



Do you have a good will story to share ?  Do you have any other resources to share?  Any additional information is welcome.  Please email it to cubonn@nd.gov.


  Most of the data on this page was compiled from Face Book posts.   Please contact us for corrections.


Information last updated on 03/20/2020 10:30am